Last Year's West Valley Invite Entries as of 4/16/17


Dear Coach:

Thank you for accepting the invitation to the West Valley/Chico Invitational Track & Field Meet.  Due to the popularity of the meet, several adjustments have been made to keep the meet on schedule.  All races are now timed finals, with the top 16 entrants participating in the evening "invitational" session.  We have eliminated minimum qualifying standards, and will have a set number who will qualify for the meet in each event.  With nearly fifty schools participating from California and Nevada, we are again looking forward to a day of outstanding competition.  Should you have any questions after reading through the information sheets you may contact Scott Fairley at (530)243-4331 (home), (530)604-6088 (cell) or e-mail at:


DATE:                        Friday, April 17, 2020

PLACE:                     Harrison Stadium, Oroville

TIME:                         Open Session - 12:00 p.m.  Invitational Session - 5:15 p.m.

DIVISIONS:              Varsity Boys and Girls

ENTRY FEES:         An entry fee of $6.00 per athlete per event and $20.00 for each relay team (school maximum $375) must be paid the day of the meet.  DO NOT SEND CHECKS IN ADVANCE.  Please NO "Checks in the mail". Schools will be responsible to pay for any athletes who have not been scratched by Wednesday, April 15. Make checks payable to:  West Valley Track   

ENTRIES:                 All entries must be made online at:  See instructions below. Log on to, locate your state, section, and school, then activate your account.  The close of entries is Monday, April 13 at 10:00pm.


ATHLETES:             Each athlete may compete in any four events.  The number of entries from a school per event is unlimited, however, coaches are reminded that this is a quality event. All running events will be run as timed finals.  Open, seeded, and invitational races will be run in all races except the 4 x 400.  All 4 x 400's will run in the evening.  Please do not enter an athlete in all three distance races as it is nearly an impossible triple.



                                    Up-dated marks, changes, or corrections will be taken online until Monday evening, April 13.  After that, please call Scott Fairley at (530) 243-4331 or email:   prior to Wednesday at midnight. Cell phone (530)604-6088. Seeding information will be emailed to coaches by Tuesday, and may be viewed on our web site at:  


SCORING:                Six places will be scored (evening session only).  10-8-6-4-2-1


SCRATCHES:         Coaches report all scratches to the "check in clerk" upon arriving at the track.  Sorry, no refunds. Fill out an "Add" form prior to 12:00pm for any new athletes in meet.  Only body for body substitutions will be allowed for athletes who have met the cut-off performance standards.


AWARDS:                 Individual awards will consist of custom medals to the top five finishers in each event with trophies for the top team in each division.  Five place medals will be awarded to contestants in the open events, as well.  A "most outstanding" boy and girl athlete award will also be given. Medals will be distributed at the event.  If an award was missed, pick them up at the finish tent.



                                    Coaches are to remain off the track and infield.  Athletes are to stay off the track and infield until their event is called, at which time they will report to the clerk of the course at the north/west end of the stadium or directly to their field event.  DO NOT REPORT TO THE STARTING LINE!  Warm-up on the fields west of the stadium. 


SPIKES:                    Harrison Stadium has a Mondo all-weather track facility.  Short, 3/16 inch spikes are required for all events.   Spikes will be on sale for $3.00/set of 14.  We will strictly enforce proper spike length.



                                    All running event athletes must check in with the "check-in clerk" not less than 15 minutes prior to their event.   Field event athletes should report directly to their event no less than 15 minutes prior to their event.


SEEDING:                The top 16 verifiable marks will be entered in the evening "seeded" and "invitational" races.  All other entrants will compete in the afternoon "open" races.  The winner of each open race will be invited to compete in the evening event.  Runner-up will be an alternate.  All races will be timed finals.



                                    All field event athletes will compete in the same competition.  Each competitor will be allowed three (3) trials in qualifying competition in the shot put and discus.  Immediately following the final flight, the top eight competitors will advance to the finals where they will receive three additional attempts. Long jump and triple jump athletes will receive 4 attempts only.


NUMBER OF ENTRIES PER EVENT: Marks from competition this year.

                                    (Running events) 100/200/1600/3200 top 90 competitors, 400/800 top 70, Hurdles top 70, relays top 32.

                                    (Field events) The top 40 entrants in the long jump and triple jump, and top 60 shot and discus will qualify to compete. Starting height for HJ/PV. 

                                    The below marks give coaches an idea of what it took last year to be accepted into the meet.

                                    2019 cut-off:  Men: 13.2, 28.0, 60.0, 2:25, 5:30, 13:00, 19.5, 51.0, all relays, 18'7 LJ, 35'6 TJ, 35'6 SP, 105' DT.

                                                              Women: 16.5, 32.0, 71.0, 3:02, 7:00, 14:40, 20.0, 59.0, all relays, 13'6 LJ, 25'10 TJ, 22'0 SP, 65'0 DT.



                                    To aid in expediting the throws, minimum marks have been established for measurement.                Boys  SP-39'0  DT-110'0        Girls  SP-27'0  DT-75'0



                                    High Jump - Boys:  5'4  Girls:  4'4 ; raised at 2" increments. 

                                    Pole Vault - Boys: 9'6  Girls:  6'6; raised 1' first height, then at 6" increments.


LANES:                     Harrison Stadium has an eight lane track.  Contestants are reminded to Stay In Your Lane After Finishing Until The Judges Have Selected All Place Winners.  A one turn stagger will be used in the 800, three turn stagger in the 4 X 400, and a scratch start for the 1600 and 3200 (allies will be used).



                                    If a contestant is entered in a track and a field event at the same time, they should first clear with the field event judge, then report to the clerk of the course.  They must report back to the field event immediately after completion of the running events.  They will be given a maximum of ten minutes from the time they are excused until they must make themselves available for their next trial.



                                    The 1 minute rule for all field events will be strictly  enforced.


WEIGH-INS:             Shots and Discs must be weighed and marked prior to 11:45 a.m.  A second weigh in will take place from 3:00-4:00pm. Weigh in at the team dressing rooms near the start of the 100 meters.



                                    Coaches will be required to verify and initial their vaulter's weight on the official pole vault event form.  Coaches should accompany their vaulters when they check in for competition. Inspection of poles will take place during warm-ups.



                                    There will be a concession stand operating throughout the meet.



                                    You may dress in the team rooms at Harrison Stadium. No access of lockers.  Keep your valuables with you.


ADMISSION:            An admission of $5.00 (adults) and $3.00 (students), $2.00 (children) will be charged for all spectators.  Children under age 5 will be admitted free.


UNIFORMS:             Uniforms and shoes must conform to the rules as stated in the 2020 National Federation Track and Field rule book.


WEATHER:              The meet will go on RAIN or SHINE.


T-SHIRTS:                Cotton T-Shirts will be on sale throughout the meet for $13.00.  There will be a limited supply, so buy early.


RELAY BATONS: Batons will be provided.


TIMING:                     Two, independent,  FinishLynx fully automatic timing systems will be used.


RULES:                     NFHS, CIF and NSCIF rules will be in effect.



                                    If a coach has any questions or problems regarding the conduct of the meet, he should report them to the Referee who will be on the infield.  We ask your assistance in having all coaches and athletes remain out of the press box.  Complete results can be viewed on our web site at:  as well as




 FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2020

Open Session Races Event#

12:00             #1        Girls 4 x 100 Relay – 2 heats

12:05             #2        Boys  4 x 100 Relay – 2 heats

12:15             #3        Girls 1600 Meters – 2 heats

12:35             #4        Boys  1600 Meters – 3 heats

1:00              #5        Girls 100 HH – 6 heats

1:10              #6        Boys  110 HH – 6 heats

1:25              #7        Girls 400 Meters – 6 heats

1:45              #8        Boys  400 Meters – 6 heats

2:05              #9        Girls 100 Meters – 8 heats

2:25              #10       Boys  100 Meters – 8 heats

2:50              #11       Girls 800 Meters – 3 heats  

3:05              #12       Boys  800 Meters – 3 heats  

3:25              #13       Girls 300 LH – 6 heats

3:40              #14       Boys  300 IH – 6 heats

3:50              #15       Girls 200 Meters – 8 heats

4:05              #16       Boys  200 Meters – 8 heats

4:15              #17       Girls 3200 Meters – 1 heat     

4:30              #18       Boys  3200 Meters – 2 heats      


Seeded and Invitational Races

5:15               #31       Girls 4 x 100 Relay - 2 heats

5:25               #32       Boys  4 x 100 Relay - 2 heats

5:35               #33       Girls 1600 Meters – 1 heat 

5:45               #34       Boys  1600 Meters – 1 heat

5:55               #35       Girls 100 HH - 2 heats

6:00               #36       Boys  110 HH - 2 heats

6:10               #37       Girls 400 Meters - 2 heats

6:20               #38       Boys  400 Meters - 2 heats

6:30               #39       Girls 100 Meters - 2 heats

6:35               #40       Boys  100 Meters - 2 heats

6:45               #41       Girls 800 Meters – 1 heat 

6:50               #42       Boys  800 Meters – 1 heat  

7:00               #43       Girls 300 LH - 2 heats

7:10               #44       Boys  300 IH - 2 heats

7:20               #45       Girls 200 Meters - 2 heats 

7:25               #46       Boys  200 Meters - 2 heats

7:30               #47       Girls 3200 Meters – 1 heat 

7:45               #48       Boys  3200 Meters – 1 heat 

8:00               #49       Girls 4 x 400 Relay - 3 heats 

8:15               #50       Boys  4 x 400 Relay - 3 heats


12:00     #19  Girls Long Jump    3:00  #25  Girls Triple Jump

12:00     #20  Boys Long Jump     3:00  #26  Boys Triple Jump

12:00     #21  Boys Discus        4:00  #27   Boys High Jump

12:00     #22  Girls Shot Put     3:30  #28  Boys Shot Put

12:00     #23  Girls Pole Vault   3:30  #29  Boys Pole Vault

12:30     #24  Girls High Jump    4:30  #30  Girls Discus


West Valley Track & Field Invitational










1.         Check in with the “Check-in Clerk” at the table to the side of the 100 start NOT LESS THAN 20 MINUTES prior to the start of the event. (You may not check in more than 2 hours prior to the start of the event.)  If you do NOT check in with this Clerk, you will be scratched.  Coaches may check in their own athletes.  Any adds or substitutions must also be done at this time.


2.         After you have checked in with the Clerk, report to the Final Call “Clerk of the Course” staging area located behind the start of the 100 meters 15 minutes prior to the start of your event.  You will receive a hip number and heat assignment at this time.  Athletes who have NOT checked in with the “Check-in Clerk” will have been scratched.


3.         You will be taken to the starting line 5 minutes prior to your event start time.




1.         Report directly to the field event site NOT LESS THAN 20 MINUTES prior to the start of the event.  Athletes must check in directly with the field event official at the site or they will be scratched.  Substitutions and adds (if another athlete has been scratched) will also take place at the event site.














Skip to “Entering Athletes into the West Valley Invitational” if you already have set up an account.


To Activate your account (only done the first time)

  1. In your browser type in:
  2. Click on your State’s icon
  3. Click on your Section’s icon
  4. Select your school and open.
  5. Under Coaches, click on the “Sign Up Here” link.
  6. Enter your email address, verification phone number, and make up a password.
  7. Close, open your email, click on the activation link, and your account is ready to add your team schedule.


To Access in the future

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your email address and password (you may share your password with assistant coaches so that they can enter their athletes)
  3. Select your school under "track" and this will take you to your school's site.


You Must Enter Your Team Schedule OR At Least The West Valley Invitational

  1. Click on “Edit Calendar” from the Coaches Tools list above.
  2. Type in date of meet (April 17, 2020), then hit next.
  3. Select “Northern” since the West Valley Invite takes place in the Northern Section.
  4. Select the “West Valley Invitational” from a list of meets that will appear on that date.  Hit “Save”.
  5. If you are entering other meets that are not in the data base, you will need to type in the name of the meet, location, meet time, and select if you are hosting the meet or not.  Hit “Save”.
  6. Repeat for additional meets if you are using for other meets.


You Must Enter Your Team Roster

  1. Click “Enter Meet Results” from the above Coaches Tools.
  2. Select “Boys or Girls” from the above box.
  3. In the “Add a New Athlete” box below, type first and last name, and grade.
  4. Hit “Add”
  5. Repeat for other athletes.



  1. Select “Meet Registration” from the above Coaches Tools.
  2. Under “Manage Athlete Registration for a Meet”, select the “West Valley Invite”.
  3. Under “Boys Entered” select an event from the meet schedule that you want to enter.
  4. At this point, you have two options for entering athletes.  Either enter athletes into an event, or select events for an athlete.
  5. Option 1:  From your team roster, click on the pull down window next to the athlete and select “Varsity”.
  6. If you have used in the past, seed times/marks will be automatically assigned to the athlete.  If you have not used, you will need to enter an “Override Seed” time/mark. (You must enter an Override Seed for relays.)  DO NOT INCLUDE AN “a” for automatic time when using Override Seeds. NOTE:  If an Override mark is being used for an athlete who is being considered for the evening "invitational" session, you must email Scott Fairley @ with the date and place where the mark was achieved.
  7. Repeat for all athletes entered into that event.
  8. Hit “Update” before leaving each screen and moving on to the next event.
  9. Option 2:  To select events for an athlete, click on an athlete’s name, then select the events they will compete in.  Include seed marks as above.
  10. Repeat numbers 3 – 8 for the GIRLS.