Dear Coach:

Thank you for accepting the invitation to the twenty-seventh annual Eagle Classic Relays.  This early season meet is intended to allow competitors an opportunity to compete in a relay setting against athletes of their own grade level.  We have tried to keep this a "full team" meet by inviting relatively few schools, and offering a flat entry fee per school.  The meet should be an enjoyable day for all, with many of your athletes returning home with awards.

DATE:          Friday, March 20, 2020

PLACE:         West Valley High School, Cottonwood

TIME:          Field Events - 1:30 p.m.  Running Events - 1:30 p.m.

DIVISIONS:    Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, F/S Boys, F/S Girls

ENTRY FEES:    $375.00 per school or $10.00 per relay. Entry fees must be paid on the day of the meet. NO CHECK, NO RUN! Please make checks payable to:  West Valley Track. Any questions, contact Scott Fairley at: Phone # 530-243-4331 (home) email: sbfairley@charter.net Cell phone # 530-604-6088

ENTRIES:       All entries must be done online at: www.athletic.net  See instructions below. The close of entries will be Tuesday, March 17 at 10:00pm.  You may use the old entry forms to add-up times for a total running relay estimate. Do your best to estimate times and distances for this time of year, not all-time personal records!! Do not add-up field event performances.  Simply submit a seed distance for each individual.

RELAY TEAMS:   Each athlete may compete in any four events. Let me know if you have an extra relay team; we may be able to fit them in if it doesn't add a heat.  Field event relays will consist of three athletes. However, you do not need three competitors to enter a team.

SEEDING:      Entries will be seeded and posted on our web site at: http://www.westvalleytrack.net If you have any changes or corrections to make, call Scott Fairley at (530) 604-6088 or email: sbfairley@charter.net

DIVISIONAL SCORING: Six places will be scored (10-8-6-4-2-1)


                The points earned in each of the four divisions (varsity boys, varsity girls, F/S boys, and F/S girls), will be added together for a total score per school.

AWARDS:        Individual awards will consist of custom medals to the athletes of the top three (3) places in each event with a trophy for the first place team in each division.  A perpetual trophy named the Relay Champions of the North State will be awarded to the overall team champions for all four divisions.

SCRATCHES:     Coaches report all scratches to the clerk of the course for all running events, and the field event judges for all field events, upon arriving at the track.


                Coaches are to remain off the track and infield.  Athletes are to stay off the track and infield until their event is called, at which time they will report to the clerk of the course located at the head of the straightaway or go directly to their field event.  DO NOT REPORT TO THE STARTING LINE! Warm-up on the fields outside the stadium.


                Running relay teams must check in a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the event. All members of a relay team should report promptly to the clerk of the course at the FIRST call for instructions and lane assignments.  At 3rd call, they will be escorted to the starting area.  Field event athletes should report directly to their event upon first call.

SPIKES:        West Valley has an all-weather track and runways.  3/16 inch spikes are required for all events.

FIELD EVENTS:  Field event relays will consist of three athletes whose distances/heights will be added for a total mark.  Competitors will be given three (3) attempts in the shot, discus, long jump, and triple jump. Ties broken by fewest total misses (PV/HJ), farthest individual effort (LJ/TJ/SP/DT).


                Pole Vault: F/SGirls-5'6", VGirls-6'0", F/SBoys-6'6",  VBoys-7'6"

                High Jump:  F/SGirls-3'9", VGirls-4'0", F/SBoys-4'6",  VBoys-5'0"

CONCESSIONS: There will be a concession stand operating throughout the meet.

UNIFORMS:      Uniforms and shoes must conform to the rules as stated in the 2019 National Federation Track and Field rule book.  NSCIF rules will be in effect.

WEATHER:       The meet will go on RAIN or SHINE.

QUESTIONS:    If a coach has any questions or problems regarding the conduct of the meet, he/she should report them to the Referee who will be on the infield.





FRIDAY, March 20, 2020


RUNNING EVENTS - 1:30 p.m.                    


1:30            F/S Girls            4 x 800 Relay

1:45            F/S Boys             4 x 800 Relay

2:05            F/S Girls            4 X 100 Relay       

2:10            F/S Boys             4 X 100 Relay

2:15            Varsity Girls        4 X 100 Relay                  

2:25            Varsity Boys         4 X 100 Relay                     

2:3          Varsity Girls        4 X 800 Relay                  

2:55            Varsity Boys         4 X 800 Relay        

3:10            F/S Girls            Sprint Medley (200-100-100-400)

3:15            F/S Boys             Sprint Medley (200-100-100-400)  

3:20            Varsity Girls        Sprint Medley (200-100-100-400)     

3:30            Varsity Boys         Sprint Medley (200-100-100-400)

3:40            F/S Girls            Distance Medley (1200-400-800-1600)

4:00            F/S Girls            100 LH Shuttle Relay (30")

4:10            Varsity Girls        100 LH Shuttle Relay (30")     

4:20            F/S Boys             110 IH Shuttle Relay (33")  

4:30            Varsity Boys         110 IH Shuttle Relay (36")

4:45            F/S Boys             Distance Medley (1200-400-800-1600)

5:05            F/S Girls            4 X 200 Relay                  

5:15            F/S Boys             4 X 200 Relay

5:25            Varsity Girls        4 X 200 Relay                  

5:35            Varsity Boys         4 X 200 Relay                     

5:45            Varsity Girls        Distance Medley (1200-400-800-1600)

6:00            Varsity Boys         Distance Medley (1200-400-800-1600) 

6:20            F/S Girls            4 X 400 Relay

6:30            F/S Boys             4 X 400 Relay

6:40            Varsity Girls        4 X 400 Relay                  

6:50            Varsity Boys         4 X 400 Relay




Shot Put: 1:30 Varsity Boys               Long Jump/Triple Jump:

(1 Ring)  3:00 F/S Boys                   Pit #1:  3:00  Varsity Boys LJ

          4:30 Varsity Girls                       4:30  Varsity Boys TJ

          5:30 F/S Girls                   Pit #2: 3:00  Varsity Girls LJ

                                                   4:30  Varsity Girls TJ

                                           Pit #3: 3:00  F/S Boys LJ

Discus:   1:00 Varsity Girls                       4:30  F/S Boys TJ

(1 Ring)  2:30 F/S Girls                   Pit #4: 3:00  F/S Girls LJ

          4:00 Varsity Boys                        4:30  F/S Girls TJ

          5:30 F/S Boys                    


High Jmp: 3:00 F/S Girls                  

(2 Pits)  3:00 F/S Boys                   Pole Vlt:3:00  Varsity Boys

          4:30 Varsity Girls              (2 pits) 3:00  Varsity Girls

                     4:30 Varsity Boys                   4:30  F/S Boys                                    

                                                    4:30  F/S Girls 





Skip to “Entering Athletes into the Eagle Classic Relays” if you already have set up an Athletic.net account.


To Activate your Athletic.net account (only done the first time)

  1. In your browser type in:  www.athletic.net
  2. Click on the “California” icon
  3. Click on “Northern” section
  4. Select your school and open.
  5. Under Coaches, click on the “Sign Up Here” link.
  6. Enter your email address and make up a password.
  7.  In moments, Athletic.net will email to you an activation link.  Click on the link to activate your account.


To Access Athletic.net in the future

  1. Go to www.athletic.net
  2. Sign in using your email address and password (you may share your password with assistant coaches so that they can enter their athletes)
  3. This will take you directly to your school's site.


You Must Enter Your Team Schedule OR At Least The Eagle Classic Relays

  1. Click on “Edit Calendar” from the Coaches Tools list above.
  2. Next to "T&F Meet" select the date of meet, then click "Add Meet by Date".
  3. Select “Northern” if the meet takes place in the Northern Section, i.e. Eagle Classic Relays.
  4. If the meet has already been entered into the web site schedule, a list of meets on that date will appear.
  5. Select “Eagle Classic Relays” and hit “Save”.
  6. If you are entering other meets that are not in the data base, you will need to type in the name of the meet, location, meet time, and select if you are hosting the meet or not.  Hit “Save”.
  7. Repeat for additional meets.


You Must Enter Your Team Roster

  1. Click “Enter Meet Results” from the above Coaches Tools.
  2. Select “Boys or Girls” from the above box.
  3. In the “Add a New Athlete” box below, type first and last name, and grade.
  4. Hit “Add”
  5. Repeat for other athletes.


Entering Athletes Into The EAGLE CLASSIC RELAYS

  1. Select “Meet Registration” from the above Coaches Tools.
  2. Under “Create Entries for a Meet”, select the Eagle Classic Relays.
  3. Select each event from the meet schedule that you want to enter. (4 x 100,  4 x 200, 4 x 400, 4 x 800, Spr. Medley, Dist. Medley, Shuttle Hurdles, LJ, TJ, HJ, PV, SP, Discus)
  4. For each event, select who will compete in the varsity and frosh/soph races.  If you know who all 4 runners will be, then select them all. If not, you must at least select one athlete and attach an override seed time for them.
  5. In the field events, select each athlete who will compete and, if they have not yet competed in that event, enter an override mark  You do not have to enter a seed time/mark to enter, you just will be seeded last. DO NOT ADD UP THE TOTAL DISTANCE OF A FIELD EVENT RELAY!
  6. Hit “Update” before leaving each screen and moving on to the next event.
  7. Repeat numbers 3 – 8 for the GIRLS.